Quantize audio in Logic Pro using Flex Time

When we record audio we are not always in time. Not because we suck at music, but because we’re only human. Thankfully we can fix all our mistakes in the “mix.”

Logic’s Flex Mode lets you quantize your takes with a click of a button. It even does most of the leg work for you by automatically analyzing you audio. It is always important to listen through each track to make sure everything is moved in time properly.

Logics’ has multiple Flex modes. Each is best suited for a type of audio material: Rhythmic, Monophonic, Polyphonic, Slicing, Tempophone, and Speed all process your audio differently. Here is a breakdown when to use a certain Flex mode.

  • Slicing  used for drums and percussion.
  • Rhythmic – good for monophonic material like rhythmic guitars and single piano notes.
  • Monophonic – use on monophonic solo instruments like solo vocals, melodies and basslines.
  • Polyphonic – used for audio material with chords (guitar, piano, vocals)
  • Tempophone – used for special effect synths.
  • Speed – this mode stretches the audio source faster or slower resulting in an pitch change.



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