Logic Pro – Beginners Shortcuts Guide

Using shortcuts in Logic Pro is a must for any producer and/or engineer. Speed is everything when you are in the studio and musical momentum will not wait for a slow engineer. Once the artists’ inspiration is there, you as a producer/engineer must be ready to capture that moment… Quickly without interruption.

Musical inspiration can spark at any time so you as a producer/engineer must be ready and have the ability to record on a dime. Artist’s cannot afford to wait for rudimentary mouse clicking as their musical momentum may simply fade away.

Time is money for the mixing engineer. The faster you mix, the more clients you will have and therefore the more money you will make. Thats just another reason (of many) to learn some basic shortcuts to move your sessions quicker.

Take some time to watch the following two tutorials on the shortcuts you should know in Logic Pro:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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