Make a Nicky Romero Balloon Air Noize Riser Effect

Nicky Romero is among the world’s biggest EDM DJs and producers. Romero uses a similar riser effect in almost all of his tracks. For a lack of explanation or better term, I call it the Nicky Romero Balloon Air Noize Riser Effect. I’ll show you how to achieve this popular EDM riser trick in Logic Pro but the techniques used can be translated to any DAW. 

Nicky Romero Riser effect:

1. First we will need to have a synth that has a noise generator. ES P is the synth I will be using in Logic. Simple turn down all wave slider and turn up the Noise all the way up. Then push the sustain slider all the way up and adjust Frequency and Resonance knobs until you get a decent amount of Noise. Your final result will look something like this.

Logics ESP Synth
Logics ESP Synth

2. Record a 8 or 9 bar loop by holding down C.

3. Next open up an EQ to filter out all the low end information so we can leave space for the kick and bass tracks. I usually like to filter out everything below 500Hz. You should have an EQ that looks similar to this.

Logics Channel EQ
Logics Channel EQ

3. Now is the time we actually get that tube ballon sound. Open up a Flanger plugin. Push the mix to 100%, intensity set it at 2.5%, speed will be set to 0.000 Hz and the feedback should be around -77%.

Logics Flanger Plugin
Logics Flanger Plugin

4. Bounce the region in place.

5. Once the bounce in place is complete. Right click on the region and click Convert To New Sampler Track.

6. Set and change the pitch section to 7 and add some glide using the slider.

Logics EXS24
Logics EXS24

7. We are almost done! Now we will open up the MIDI editor by double click the MIDI region. Open up the MIDI draw section and under the Controller section, change the drop down to Pitch Bend. And draw in something that looks like this.

nicky romero pitch bend

8. Now place the riser to fit nicely with your song! Remember to save the ESX24 setup for future riser setups.

Watch this video to see all the above in action:


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