Where to find Logics Mellotron instrument

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding where to find Logics new Mellotron instrument. Don’t feel bad or stupid if you can’t find the Mellotron instrument because I couldn’t find either! In this quick tutorial I’ll show you where to find this hidden gem.

Step 1

find the mellotron

Click Logic Pro in the top left hand corner of Logic.

Step 2

logic pro download addtional content

Click Download Additional Content found under the Logic Pro menu.

Step 3

find logics mellotron instrument

Tick off a checkmark next to Vintage Mellotron. The total instrument is about 237mb to download and install. Logic will then install the Mellotron instrument once it is downloaded.

Step 4

logic vintage mellotron is in the media browser

Logics Vintage Mellotron is not a software instrument on its own but rather uses ESX24 to host all of its sounds. In order to initialize an instance of Mellotron, open up your Library and Select Vintage Mellotron from the list. Make sure to open up it’s Smart Control window so that you can alter any Mellotron presets to your liking.


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