Rachel Platten – Fight Song (Piano Lesson and Chord Trigger Preset) 

Learn to play the chords from ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten easily using Logic Pros’ MIDI FX plugin – Chord Trigger. 




There are 5 chords in the song with different chord progressions in each section. Here are the chords incase you want to play them manually and play them live on a piano:

Em (C3 when using preset)

Left: E

Right: E, G, B

(D3 when using preset)

Left: C

Right: C, E, G

(E3 when using preset)

Left: G

Right: D, G, B

(F3 when using preset)

Left: D

Right: D, F#, A

Play the following patterns

Intro and the Verse and pre-chorus

Em, C, G, D (gets repeated until the chorus)


G, D, Em, C (played twice)

Bridge at the end before the last chorus

E, D, A, C


Rachel Platten – Fight Song (Logic CT Preset)


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