How to make a Nicki Minaj stutter effect

Nicki Minaj is one of the hottest female rappers in the game right now. She can do it all. She can spit a verse on a hard beat or sing a breezy melody on a pop record. Her voice is a unique sound in it’s own that her producers take advantage of. Minaj and her engineers seem to always put in a cool stutter effect on her vocals that add dynamic to a vocal track. In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to create a Nicki Minaj style stutter effect. 

In this video we’ll demonstrate two way’s to get the vocal stutter effect. The first method is to copy/paste the phrase until it builds into the original phrase. The second method is to convert the chopped up samples to a sampler track and play it manually using your keyboard/drum pads. The second method is probably better as you have finer control on where the sample will hit. You can also place it exactly on a grid and quantize as well. It can also give you a cool layer that adds a fresh sound to your beat.


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