Today, Logic Pro X 10.2 released with a bang!  The biggest announcement with the update is the release of Logics’ new software synth instrument, Alchemy. Alchemy is part of Apples acquisition of Camel Audio last year. Now Alchemy is back and ready for action!

Heres a quick video showcasing what to expect from the new Alchemy soft synth. Let’s just say the possibilities are endless with this one.

On a side note – we’re happy to finally see what Apple is doing with the Camel Audio technology. We’re looking forward to see more Camel Audio inspired plugins come to Logic. We have a feeling that this is the start of something great.

As usual, Logic Pro X 10.2 is available as a free upgrade with Apples App Store. 

And if you don’t have Logic yet, stop waiting and buy it here. 

  • bugbuster1

    Thanks for this! I got it now. Some Alchemy instruments, some of the time, play just one note when I press a MIDI key, and sometimes they repeat the note rhythmically as long as I hold down the key. Why? How can I control that?

    • imamusicmogul

      The arp is probably turned on which would cause a sustained note with repeated notes rhythmically. Go to where it says ARP on bottom left and turn it off. You should be good to go after that.

  • bugbuster1

    On Alchemy’s lower left under “Comment” it says “Aftertouch increases the acidity.” What does that mean?