Get your snares to stand out with this quick tip

Snare drum icon thin line for web and mobile, modern minimalistic flat design. Vector dark grey icon on light grey background.

Electronic music producers are always looking for crazy powerful, impactful and thick sounding snares. Many producers like Diplo, Skrillex and Hardwell — have developed their own signature snare sounds that’s purely based on layering and how they mix their drums. Designing a single drum sound can be tedious, but once the technique is mastered, you can keep using that same thought out formula to make impactful snares that stand out! Layering is key to achieve an effective snare.

In the following tutorial we’ll show you how adding in a top layer to your snare will make it stand out from your sometimes crowded mix. This techniques works wonders on EDM build-ups and drops. One you use this technique once you’ll sure use this one over and over.

What’s needed:

  1. a great sound snare sample or recording
  2. a synth that can generate noise

And don’t forget to click the following button to download the preset we created for Logics’ ESP polyphonic synthesizer:


Logic ES P Preset: EDM Snare Noise


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