How to make your claps HUGE, THICK and WIDE + Secret producer tip

A great clap sound can really drive and push a record forward. If you start to listen critically to a lot of EDM, Pop, Trap, Rap, and other popular music genres you’ll notice the next loudest thing to the vocals is typically the snare/clap. No matter how much is going on in a great mix you will always be able to identify every clap hit cutting through the sonic landscape. The following tutorial, we’ll show you how to make you claps  HUGE, THICK and WIDE and stand out from all the other sounds in the mix. 

We’ll be using Logic X to edit our clap sound, but you can apply all the techniques used to any DAW. Watch the video until the end to learn a secret weapon all EDM producers use to help their claps stand out while achieving a fuller sound.


Clap EQ (Logic X EQ Preset)


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