Learn to play the chords from ‘The Fix’ by Nelly featuring Jeremih using Logic Pros’ MIDI FX plugin – Chord Trigger. MIDI is also available for those who don’t use Logic X. 

There are a total of four chords in the song. All four chords repeat themselves throughout the entire track. Here are the chords incase you want to play them manually on a piano as well using the Chord Trigger preset:

Nelly – The Fix ft. Jeremih Piano Chords

(C3 in preset)

D, F, Bb

(D3 in preset)

Eb, G, C

(E3 in preset)

Eb, Ab, C

(F3 in preset)

Eb, G, Bb


Nelly – The Fix ft. Jeremih (Logic X Chord Trigger Preset)