One of the biggest questions we get asked here: How do I make my music sound thick and full? A lot of producers may think they need compression or more layers to a sound but in reality they need neither. The music simply needs more bass. And no one says it better than Megan Trainor because she knows that It’s All About That Bass! Bass is one of the most overlooked instrument/sound in modern music, yet it is the most important piece to a solid mix.

Even though Bass players are the brunt of every joke, they are integral to creating a solid mix. The same goes for bass in general. Without bass we would not have solid and thick mixes.

The bass simply can’t be left out of the equation. For this reason, among others, let’s make a conscious effort to work more on our low frequencies.

In the following tutorial we’ll demonstrate how important bass actually is and how bass can thicken up your mixes dramatically.

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