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  • Air Music Technology releases Advance Music Production Suite – Massive sound library for only $599

    AIR Music Technology has released the Advance Music Production Suite, a crazy huge and gigantic collection of software synths, vital instruments, effects, sample packs ready to put your production into overdrive. Air Music says this collection offers over $5,000 worth of instruments and samples featuring 33 virtual instruments, 17 effect plug-in processors, and 18 sample packs that could be used in any DAW. AIR […]

  • KRK Rokit 5 G3 Series in White Here is a quick look at the Rokit 5 G3 series in the colour white. If you have any question on this studio monitor, please ask me in the comments below.
  • Game of Thrones (Remix) If you ever watched the show Game of Thrones you'd know how epic the intro theme song is. It sounds like it needs a hip hop beat to make it even more epic. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Download