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  • Sample Saturdays – Big room house sample pack

    Big Room House is quickly becoming the most popular EDM genre. In this collection you will get sounds in likes of  Dimiti Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix and Hardwell. Click the link below to download a copy of IAMM Big Room House sample pack. Feel free to use any of the samples included in your future productions and […]

  • Native Instruments iMaschine now available for free via the Apple Store App

    The Native Instruments iMaschine beat production app for iOS is now available a free download (regularly priced at $4.99) via the Apple Store app. You may want to hurry and follow the step below because it is only available in the Apple Store app as a free download until October 1, 2014. If you don’t have the […]

  • Tap tempo

    The tempo is usually the first parameter a producer will adjust when making a beat. Usually, the producer will have on how fast the song will be. Slow, fast or even mid-tempo? The tap tempo feature in Logic Pro allows the producer to tap the tempo straight into logic. This removes the guess work involved when trying to […]

  • Create a custom sample kit from live audio

    Music is all around us and inspiration can spark at anytime. Logic gives you the ability to record live sounds and automatically chop up your recorded audio into separate one-shot regions (using Logic’s Strip Silencer). In this tutorial we will get creative and record a completely unique drum kit.

  • Sample Saturdays – Melbourne bounce samples

    Melbourne bounce is becoming more popular that ever in the EDM scene. From its uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, Melbourne bounce is a and fun genre that makes you get up and dance. The squelching leads will make everyone go crazy in the clubs or on the big festival stages. Click the link below to download a […]

  • How to: Parallel compression – New York drums

    When it comes to processing drums, parallel compression is a technique that outputs incredible results using any DAW. The technique varies from application to application but the general idea is there. This effect originated from New York to produce larger than life sounding drums. The parallel compression track will be used to add a heavily compressed version of […]

  • Create a trippy hip hop beat like Drake

    At times, hip hop beats are simple, and other times not so simple. Sometimes we hear sounds we wish we were able replicate and figure out how the producer made that sound. Logic’s Sculpture is a powerful synth that simulates physical models of acoustic instruments. Few (including myself) Logic users actually use Sculpture because at first glance, it looks […]

  • Import entire preset folders into Logic Pro plug-ins

    Have you ever wondered how to import  downloaded plug-in presets you could easily access  plug-in menu itself?  Stop loading presets one by and one and start importing your entire preset folders easily by copying the folder to this folder path: Library >> Application Support >> Logic >> Plug-in Settings >> (from here you can choose which plug-in your presets are […]

  • How to make a thick and massive EDM synth

    Synth plug-ins are a dime a dozen these days where every synth maker promises huge sounding synths. We all get caught up in the hype… including myself. Luckily for us Logic user, Logic actually comes bundled with a very powerful synth (for free), the ES2. In this video I will show you how to get that huge […]

  • Using a compressor as a de-esser

    Many DAW’s comes bundled with a generic de-esser. De-esser’s simply compresses the “S” sound in vocals. The goal with a de-esser is to make the “S”  sound smoother and less harsh to the listener. Some vocalist do pronounce their S’s more than others and for this reason we need to fix that in the mix.

  • Spice up your ES2 synths

    Creating interesting synths can be hard at times. Especially with boring pads that usually all sound the same. Luckily, Logic’s ES2 synth comes bundled with a side chain. Not may synths has this nifty feature but when they do, creativity it begging to be played with. Side chaining is a process where you link audio, […]