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  • Create a trippy hip hop beat like Drake

    At times, hip hop beats are simple, and other times not so simple. Sometimes we hear sounds we wish we were able replicate and figure out how the producer made that sound. Logic’s Sculpture is a powerful synth that simulates physical models of acoustic instruments. Few (including myself) Logic users actually use Sculpture because at first glance, it looks […]

  • Import entire preset folders into Logic Pro plug-ins

    Have you ever wondered how to import  downloaded plug-in presets you could easily access  plug-in menu itself?  Stop loading presets one by and one and start importing your entire preset folders easily by copying the folder to this folder path: Library >> Application Support >> Logic >> Plug-in Settings >> (from here you can choose which plug-in your presets are […]

  • How to make a thick and massive EDM synth

    Synth plug-ins are a dime a dozen these days where every synth maker promises huge sounding synths. We all get caught up in the hype… including myself. Luckily for us Logic user, Logic actually comes bundled with a very powerful synth (for free), the ES2. In this video I will show you how to get that huge […]

  • Using a compressor as a de-esser

    Many DAW’s comes bundled with a generic de-esser. De-esser’s simply compresses the “S” sound in vocals. The goal with a de-esser is to make the “S”  sound smoother and less harsh to the listener. Some vocalist do pronounce their S’s more than others and for this reason we need to fix that in the mix.

  • Spice up your ES2 synths

    Creating interesting synths can be hard at times. Especially with boring pads that usually all sound the same. Luckily, Logic’s ES2 synth comes bundled with a side chain. Not may synths has this nifty feature but when they do, creativity it begging to be played with. Side chaining is a process where you link audio, […]

  • Make sub rattling kicks

    The biggest part of any hip hop production is bass. You want that sub rattling kick to shake cars when you song is playing. Most sample’s don’t carry the low end to achieve this effect. Thankfully, we can use a simple sine wave to generate a sub-tone and create nice thick low-end sub tones to […]

  • Quantize audio in Logic Pro using Flex Time

    When we record audio we are not always in time. Not because we suck at music, but because we’re only human. Thankfully we can fix all our mistakes in the “mix.” Logic’s Flex Mode lets you quantize your takes with a click of a button. It even does most of the leg work for you […]

  • Working with samples in Logic’s EXS24 (in-depth look at the editor)

    In the previous post, I showed you how to create custom kits in Logics’ EXS24. In this tutorials, we will dive deeper into EXS24s editor window and discuss important settings when working with samples and sampling. We will learn how to do the following: Mixer – how to adjust volume and pan to individual samples within your kit. Explore the […]

  • Creating Custom Drum Kits with Logic EXS24

    Logic EXS24 is a versatile sampler instrument thats lets you create custom instruments/kits built from your personal sample library. Each time you receive new sample’s (whether it be drums or instruments) you should always create a “kit” in EXS24 to save and load for future productions.  I would recommend using an external hard drive to store […]