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  • Collidoscope may be the coolest looking synth ever!

    For a long time, synthesizers has had more or less the same idea and look…. well, until now that is. Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin have found a way to create an entirely new synth. Collidoscope lets two musicians play together each playing on one of two built-in keyboards.

  • The coolest desk ever for the electronic producer

    The desk you see above is the table I want – and possibly need. For a while now I’ve been looking for a standing desk I can raise and lower easily. To say the least my desk has a lot of gear on it. As you all know I produce music and YouTube audio production […]

  • Akai Rhythm Wolf video posted

    See what Akai’s Rhythm Wolf can do and what sounds it can produce. Since this is an audio demo, Akai recommends you use headphones when watching. The sounds Rhythm Wolf will produce are inspired by the classic analogue sounds we come to know and love.

  • Tuna Knobs, turns your tablet into a hands-on controller.

    The world of making music on your tablet is here and here to stay. Apps are easy to use, and intuitive, but  lack the physical touch as you would have on a physical hardware synth or controller. Enter Tuna Knobs. It promises to turn any touchscreen into a MIDI/DJ controller. Tuna Knobs are control knobs that stick to […]

  • Air Music Technology releases Advance Music Production Suite – Massive sound library for only $599

    AIR Music Technology has released the Advance Music Production Suite, a crazy huge and gigantic collection of software synths, vital instruments, effects, sample packs ready to put your production into overdrive. Air Music says this collection offers over $5,000 worth of instruments and samples featuring 33 virtual instruments, 17 effect plug-in processors, and 18 sample packs that could be used in any DAW. AIR […]