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  • Get wide claps like David Guetta

    David Guetta is a monster EDM DJ/Producer who uses creative production techniques to get the sound we as upcoming producers always strive for. We want our song to sound full and WIDE! In the following tutorial we’ll show you a simple technique to create WIDE sounding claps (or any other sound you want to sound fuller and wider) […]

  • How to make the lead synth from Avicii – Waiting For Love

    Avicii has a unique, recognizable and an ridiculously addictive sound. Waiting For Love features a delicious melody thats paired with a clean and simple lead line that’s classic Aviici and fellow co-producer, Martin Garrix. In the following tutorial we’ll make the lead pluck synth (the initial sound on the drop) from Waiting for Love using Logic X and it’s built-in plugins.

  • EDM Buildups – Rising Pitch Lead before the “Drop”

      In EDM music, builds create tension that usually leads into the BIG drop. A floppy buildup without enough tension can really ruin an otherwise good record. Listeners love to be teased with a juicy buildup so why not give them what they want? In other words, in EDM music – the buildups is what I would call the foreplay before the big […]