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  • How to Sidechain like a BOSS

    Sidechaining has always been an important back to mixing. Typical for the kick and bass. Engineer used to ‘duck’ the bass overtime the kick would it to make space for both of them to live. In today’s music, sidechaining (ducking) is used more drastically to achieve a pumping effect. This effect is typically used in […]

  • Tutorial: The Drake filter sweep effect

    In the following tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is to replicate the filter sweep effect Drake uses in a lot of his music. It’s sort of that underwater effect that many artists like Big Sean, The Weeknd, Party Next Door and Bryson Tiller have adopted into their sound. This is also commonly referred […]

  • How to add reverb to your mixes the right way

    When thinking about adding reverb to your track, we recommend you think about how you want your instrument or sound to feel with reverb. Once your ready to add a reverb track, build yourself a aux track with your reverb effect plugin of your choice. Make sure your dry amount is on o% and your wet is maxed out at 100%. Next drop in […]

  • How to replace/double drums in Logic

    Drum replacement and drum doubling is often needed while mixing. As a mixing engineer, your main job is to find ways to make all sounds and recordings to work with each other. As we all know, more often than not, drums need the most help. Sometimes applying simple EQ technique is suffice but sometime an entire to sample is […]

  • Cut with your EQ for a cleaner mix!

    Every mixer wants a clean and clear mix. No matter what genre music you produce – the end result should be clean. Each sound needs a place to live within the frequency spectrum (20Hz-20kHz). Unfortunately, more times than not, our mixes sound muddy. In order to combat the unwanted muddiness, we need to understand what causes mud in a track. […]

  • Why you should adjust speaker volume for a better mix

    Let’s face the facts. Mixing with loud volumes is what we do. I get it. The louder something is the better it sounds, right? When your in the moment the answer to that question would be a solid YES! But in reality – the answer would be quite the opposite. I always get people asking about […]

  • Top 5 tips to use in your next mix

    Mixing is the most important step when producing a song. A good mix can take a good record to another level and a bad mix can take a good record and completely ruin it. You could have the most talented artists on your track but if the mix is faulty, the track wont translate well to the listeners. Here are my top 5 tips for […]

  • Make your drums sound thick and wide

    Drums are very important when it comes to pop, urban and EDM productions so it’s vital to make them sound amazing. Today’s productions seem to have wide sounding percussion elements. Definitely more so than they used to be.  You may think you need better samples to get that sound but today I am going to […]

  • Push sounds far away for greater depth (3D Mixing)

    In this segment, we are going to look into “3D mixing.” When is comes to mixing, the 3rd dimension is what I like to call “depth.” Much like we see in 3D, we hear in 3D and taking out any one of these dimensions only serves to create an unnatural sound. The most common tool […]

  • How to EQ your kick properly

    Today we will look at different ways to EQ your kick. At times, the kick may get lost in a heavy mix and using EQ on a kick can dramatically take a lost kick to a kick that stands out by simply dialling in the “click” frequencies of a kick. As with every instrument, there are areas […]