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  • Cutting frequencies with your EQ

    The rule of thumb many audio experts believe is that cutting with an EQ is better than boosting. Cutting doesn’t impact the headroom available on the mix (it usually gives us more), and some EQ designs have phase issues when boosting. EQ play’s an important role in mixing and should not be overlooked. Almost all live recording’s carry unneeded low […]

  • How To EQ Kick and 808

    Todays tutorial will be a follow up to last weeks tutorial on designing 808s. I have been getting many questions asking how to mix the kick and 808 together properly. The video below will show you how to EQ the kick and 808 together where each has their own spot to live in the frequency […]

  • How to: Parallel compression – New York drums

    When it comes to processing drums, parallel compression is a technique that outputs incredible results using any DAW. The technique varies from application to application but the general idea is there. This effect originated from New York to produce larger than life sounding drums. The parallel compression track will be used to add a heavily compressed version of […]

  • Using a compressor as a de-esser

    Many DAW’s comes bundled with a generic de-esser. De-esser’s simply compresses the “S” sound in vocals. The goal with a de-esser is to make the “S”  sound smoother and less harsh to the listener. Some vocalist do pronounce their S’s more than others and for this reason we need to fix that in the mix.

  • Make sub rattling kicks

    The biggest part of any hip hop production is bass. You want that sub rattling kick to shake cars when you song is playing. Most sample’s don’t carry the low end to achieve this effect. Thankfully, we can use a simple sine wave to generate a sub-tone and create nice thick low-end sub tones to […]