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  • 1 Week with Native Instruments Komplete 12

    Its been 1 week since the launch of Native Instruments Komplete 12. Here are some of my thoughts and what I’ve been using from the new collection. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • iZotope RX 7 – The Audio Editors DREAM!

    Designed specifically for the needs of post production professionals, RX 7 Advanced continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool used on movies and TV shows and Music to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Get full control over your audio, whether it’s isolating vocals, instruments and/or reshaping mixes all in multichannel up […]

  • Use this (free) plugin to WIDEN your sounds

    In the following video we’ll be show you how to WIDEN your sounds using a free plugin called Ozone Imager by Izotope. We’ll also show you how to narrow your sounds as well as how to check your phase polarity. 

  • Mastering the Mix – LEVELS OVERVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

    LEVELS allows you to easily and instantly see any technical issues with your mix and empowers artists to get a technically excellent mix. LEVELS only draws your attention to aspects of your mix that need fixing – it’s like having your own personal engineer sitting right next to you making sure you’ll have a technically […]

  • How to Install VST and AudioUnits Plugins On A Mac

    VST and AudioUnits (also AUs and Components) are the two native plugin formats for Mac OS X. There are many VST and AU plugins for expanding your sounds and effects. However, it can be difficult to to install these plugins if they don’t come bundled with a native installer (or instructions).  In the following tutorial, […]

  • Get Waves TrueVerb for FREE this weekend!

    Make sure to head over to Waves RIGHT NOW and register with your email address to get a FREE copy of Waves TrueVerb. TrueVerb is one of the best reverb plugins on the market that’s used by many engineers and on many popular tracks you hear on the radio. It’s regular price is $99, but it’s completely […]

  • Get a free Waves plugin this Black Friday

    It’s that time of year again! Our friends over at Waves is having their annual Black Friday sale. Along with huge savings, Waves is also giving away a free Waves plugin. Last year they gave away Pumper and we’re looking forward to see what free goodie they have in store for us this time around. Head on […]

  • Logic Pro X 10.2: Alchemy Synth

    Today, Logic Pro X 10.2 released with a bang!  The biggest announcement with the update is the release of Logics’ new software synth instrument, Alchemy. Alchemy is part of Apples acquisition of Camel Audio last year. Now Alchemy is back and ready for action!

  • Get FATTER sounds with Sausage Fattener

    The Sausage Fattener plug-in by Dada Life will make your sounds THICKER and FATTER. This plug-in is super easy to use with only two dial knobs that can work well on drums, synths and/or any other tracks you put it on. Head on after the break to see Sausage Fattener in action.