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  • How to make a Kanye West bass synth

    Kanye West is arguably one of the best producers of all time. If you’ve been listening to any Yeezy records as of late, you would notice a pattern in his music. Ye’s music is darker, edgier and full of giant sounding synths. In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to create a heavy and thick Kanye West […]

  • How to replace/double drums in Logic

    Drum replacement and drum doubling is often needed while mixing. As a mixing engineer, your main job is to find ways to make all sounds and recordings to work with each other. As we all know, more often than not, drums need the most help. Sometimes applying simple EQ technique is suffice but sometime an entire to sample is […]

  • How to: Load stock plugin presets into Logic X

    As you may or may not know, we here at I’m A Music Mogul enjoy giving away a lot of stock Logic plugin presets. Here’s a simple way to stop loading presets one by and one and start importing presets the right way. You can even use this method to import an entire folder of […]

  • Quick Tip: Brighten up Logics Piano Roll

    Sometimes Logics dark aesthetics can make it difficult to work. If you work a lot in the Piano Roll you may notice sometimes it is just too dark. Luckily, you can customize the appearance of the Piano Roll Editor by modifying the Piano Roll Display preferences.

  • Importing Logic Pro Instrument Patches

    Very often, you’ll find yourself needing to add preset patches into Logic from other producers/computers – but loading them in one by one can be a daunting task. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to import an entire folders worth of preset patches so you can utilize Logics Library browser to locate patches easily!