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  • MPC Note Repeat in Logic Pro – Part 2 of 2

    A few post ago, I covered how to achieve a MPC note repeat in Logic Pro. Many of you asked a way to control different rates on your external controller while recording live. I took some time to create an easy way to achieve this. The method we use in this tutorial allows you to switch […]

  • Programming External MIDI Controllers and Logics Smart Control

    One of Logic’s hidden gems that I use daily and love completely is something called Smart Control. Smart Controls allow the user to assign various instrument and effect plug-in parameters to an modifiable control panel that you can manipulate digitally (within Logic or using Remote App for iPad). In addition, you can take those parameters and […]

  • Creating a Song with Multiple Tempos

    Most music you hear on the radio today has set a single tempo for the entire song. Some records; like recent Drake songs, has changes in its tempo. Some tempo changes are fast to slow and some the opposite. Sometimes, a tempo change at the chorus is required to speed up the song and make the […]

  • Quick Keyboard Splits in Logic Pro

    Did you ever wish you could play two different instruments at the same time on one keyboard? Think about how perfect this would be for live gigs? Keyboard “splitting” allows you to map out several instruments across your controller that can all be recorded at the same time while controlling the individual octaves of each […]

  • Get an MPC Note Repeat in Logic Pro

    The note repeat feature on an MPC has become fundamental to beatmaking. It gives us the ability to repeat a note (at a certain rate) by only holding down a note (pad or key). This workflow works nicely on quick hi-hats or simple percussive hits. Here is a quick way to get a note repeat in Logic […]