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  • How to: A quick way to master your music

    Mastering is probably the most overlooked step in production, yet sometimes the most important. Mastering can be easy and repetitive once you have perfected the skill. Mastering should (in my opinion) always be done by someone other than the mixing engineer. A fresh pair of ears can hear the song in a different light and […]

  • Make your mix loud for radio play

    Logic Pro’s Adaptive Limiter is a tool for controlling the loudness of your records. It works by rounding and smoothing peaks in the signal, producing an effect similar to an analog amplifier being driven hard. You can use the Adaptive Limiter to get maximum gain, without introducing digital distortion and clipping.

  • Stereo spread for wide mixes

    Stereo image processing is a mostly used when mastering to extend the stereo base to make the mix sound “wide.” A “widening” effect is achieved by distributing a  number of frequency bands from various middle frequency ranges to the left and right channels. This ultimately increases the perception of stereo width without the mix sounding unnatural. However, phase issues may […]

  • Mastering 101: Multiband Compression

    Multiband compression is an extremely versatile mastering tool. It splits the incoming signal into separate (user selectable) frequency bands and allows you to compress each band independently. This allows you to apply more compression to the bands that you feel need it without affecting the mix sonically.

  • Mastering 101: Linear Phase EQ

    Last week I posted a tutorial on applying buss compression to your master chain. The next plug-in in your mastering chain will be a Linear Phase EQ. I will be using Logic stock Linear Phase EQ to add some subtle sweeting to our track. I like to set my analyser to post EQ so that any changes made are […]