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  • Drop the beat: Deep House drum programming tutorial

    Welcome to an entirely new video series, Drop The Beat. In the following tutorial we will break down and program a drum pattern perfectly styled for a Deep House record. Deep House produce put on your producers hat’s and lets go. Be sure to download the playback as all MIDI and samples are included!

  • How To EQ Kick and 808

    Todays tutorial will be a follow up to last weeks tutorial on designing 808s. I have been getting many questions asking how to mix the kick and 808 together properly. The video below will show you how to EQ the kick and 808 together where each has their own spot to live in the frequency […]

  • Sample Saturdays – Deep House Sample Pack

    Deep House is the more calming sibling of EDM. It started back in the 1980s that paired a jazz-funk style and some up beat electronic drums with a tempo ranging between 123-128 BPM. Deep House is gaining massive popularity and is currently one of the top selling EDM genres on Beatport.   Sit back, relax and take in some […]

  • Create a custom sample kit from live audio

    Music is all around us and inspiration can spark at anytime. Logic gives you the ability to record live sounds and automatically chop up your recorded audio into separate one-shot regions (using Logic’s Strip Silencer). In this tutorial we will get creative and record a completely unique drum kit.

  • Creating Custom Drum Kits with Logic EXS24

    Logic EXS24 is a versatile sampler instrument thats lets you create custom instruments/kits built from your personal sample library. Each time you receive new sample’s (whether it be drums or instruments) you should always create a “kit” in EXS24 to save and load for future productions.  I would recommend using an external hard drive to store […]

  • Urban Drums

    Click the link below to download a drum kit full of “urban” sounds to drive your pop, hip-hop and R&B tracks. Demo: