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  • Use this (free) plugin to WIDEN your sounds

    In the following video we’ll be show you how to WIDEN your sounds using a free plugin called Ozone Imager by Izotope. We’ll also show you how to narrow your sounds as well as how to check your phase polarity. 


    Future Audio Workshop is giving away a FREE copy of Circle2 to a lucky I’m A Music Mogul community member. Head on after the break to see how you can enter for a chance to win one of the best synths out there! 

  • FREE PLUGIN: Sinevibes – Zap

    Zap is a unique plug-in controlled by incoming audio. With Zaps’ three different oscillator waveform modes and features like envelope stepping, Zap can turn any sound source into awesome synth sweeps, sub-basses, blips, chirps or glitches perfect for electronic genres like Trap, Hip Hop, Glitch-Hop and Dubstep.

  • An overview of Waves OneKnob Pumper

    OneKnob Pumper gets you an instant pulsating effect on your synth pads, leads, bass or even an entire mix! Pumpers effect is a super easy ducking side chain effect used in EDM Music. Heres a video showing you the different ways you can use Pumper:

  • Introducing Waves OneKnob Pumper – Get it now for FREE

    Yesterday we posted that Waves Audio is giving away a FREE plugin. Today Waves announced OneKnob Pumper is the free plugin. Pumper gets you an instant ducking effect similar to side chain compression without need for any side chaining. This easy-to-use plugin is ideal for making individual tracks pump with the beat or you can set […]