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  • How to EQ your kick properly

    Today we will look at different ways to EQ your kick. At times, the kick may get lost in a heavy mix and using EQ on a kick can dramatically take a lost kick to a kick that stands out by simply dialling in the “click” frequencies of a kick. As with every instrument, there are areas […]

  • Stereo spread for wide mixes

    Stereo image processing is a mostly used when mastering to extend the stereo base to make the mix sound “wide.” A “widening” effect is achieved by distributing a  number of frequency bands from various middle frequency ranges to the left and right channels. This ultimately increases the perception of stereo width without the mix sounding unnatural. However, phase issues may […]

  • Mastering 101: Multiband Compression

    Multiband compression is an extremely versatile mastering tool. It splits the incoming signal into separate (user selectable) frequency bands and allows you to compress each band independently. This allows you to apply more compression to the bands that you feel need it without affecting the mix sonically.

  • How to get the Noah 40 Shebib Drake drum’s effect

    Drakes producer Noah “40” Shebib is monumental in creating that distinctive Drake sound. Shebib’s production has created a new style of “muffled” drums that many producers try to replicate.  In this tutorial I will show you how to get that popular filtered drum effect that you hear on most Drake records. It involves a lot of eq, compression, distortion […]

  • Create a custom sample kit from live audio

    Music is all around us and inspiration can spark at anytime. Logic gives you the ability to record live sounds and automatically chop up your recorded audio into separate one-shot regions (using Logic’s Strip Silencer). In this tutorial we will get creative and record a completely unique drum kit.

  • How to: Parallel compression – New York drums

    When it comes to processing drums, parallel compression is a technique that outputs incredible results using any DAW. The technique varies from application to application but the general idea is there. This effect originated from New York to produce larger than life sounding drums. The parallel compression track will be used to add a heavily compressed version of […]

  • How to make a thick and massive EDM synth

    Synth plug-ins are a dime a dozen these days where every synth maker promises huge sounding synths. We all get caught up in the hype… including myself. Luckily for us Logic user, Logic actually comes bundled with a very powerful synth (for free), the ES2. In this video I will show you how to get that huge […]

  • Working with samples in Logic’s EXS24 (in-depth look at the editor)

    In the previous post, I showed you how to create custom kits in Logics’ EXS24. In this tutorials, we will dive deeper into EXS24s editor window and discuss important settings when working with samples and sampling. We will learn how to do the following: Mixer – how to adjust volume and pan to individual samples within your kit. Explore the […]