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  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Logic Pro X

    The Touch Bar on the new Macbook Pro’s look amazing! If you produce music using Logic X, your probably wondering about what you can do with the MacBooks Touch Bar. Unfortunately, Logic X won’t be getting any Touch Bar love until ‘early next year’ according to Apple. So what do we do in the meantime? […]

  • Calvin Harris Lead Synth Tutorial

    Calvin Harris is one of the highest paid DJ/Producers in the world. He’s been cranking out hits with Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and many more. He also makes $400,000 per gig in Las Vegas alone, plus all his other Calvin Harris duties. In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to make a big room lead synth like Calvin […]

  • How to: Tape Stop Effect/Speed Up Effect

    Before the dawn of digital production, engineers and producers alike recorded audio using tape machines using magnetic tape. Naturally one would get a spin down effect when one would hit the stop button – only to realize it’s cool effect. In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to create a tape stop effect as well as […]