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  • Mastering the Mix – LEVELS OVERVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

    LEVELS allows you to easily and instantly see any technical issues with your mix and empowers artists to get a technically excellent mix. LEVELS only draws your attention to aspects of your mix that need fixing – it’s like having your own personal engineer sitting right next to you making sure you’ll have a technically […]

  • Get a free Waves plugin this Black Friday

    It’s that time of year again! Our friends over at Waves is having their annual Black Friday sale. Along with huge savings, Waves is also giving away a free Waves plugin. Last year they gave away Pumper and we’re looking forward to see what free goodie they have in store for us this time around. Head on […]

  • Organizing you AudioUnits in Logic Pro X 10.1

    Finally, after years of wishing and hoping, Logics new update gives us the ability to organize our third party plugins the way we want. No more do you have to search through nested third-party plug-in menus. You can mix and match your 3rd party audio units with Logic pre-defined categories or create new folders with customizable names. 

  • ProTools will soon be free

    ProTools has been the flagship DAW for studios across the globe. With the steady growth of Logic and Live, ProTools is starting to become less and less used in the home studio because it is simply expensive to get started. Avid, the maker of ProTools, looks to cut the cost of using ProTool to… Free […]

  • The Riser by AIR Music Technology

    We just got a quick tease in our inbox! Air Music Technology has just announced a new software instrument called The Riser. This unique plug-in specializes in transitions for electronic music. The Riser will be available Setpember 1, 2014.