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  • T.I. style Trap lead + beat tutorial

    T.I. is one of the best rappers of all time. With on point lyricism to harder that hard beats. In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to make a T.I. style trap lead from scratch as well as demonstrate the beginnings of a T.I. beat. Session included!

  • How to add reverb to your mixes the right way

    When thinking about adding reverb to your track, we recommend you think about how you want your instrument or sound to feel with reverb. Once your ready to add a reverb track, build yourself a aux track with your reverb effect plugin of your choice. Make sure your dry amount is on o% and your wet is maxed out at 100%. Next drop in […]

  • How to make a Metro Boomin 808

    Platinum selling Atlanta producer, Metro Boomin is a master of 808s. Metro Boomin’s drum placement and programming is essential to achieve that dark bounce (as we like to call it). In this tutorial, you will get a lesson in Metro Boomin style drum programming and you’ll also learn how to create those world famous dark and heavy 808s. 

  • How to make a DJ Mustard Bass Synth

    DJ Mustard is notorious for producing simple and addictive synth lines that sound incredibly fat. How does he do it? In the following tutorial we’ll show you how to make a DJ Mustard Bass Synth that sounds just like Mustard himself complete with that big sound without layering a bunch of synths… Mustard on the Beat Hoe. 

  • How to make the lead synth from Avicii – Waiting For Love

    Avicii has a unique, recognizable and an ridiculously addictive sound. Waiting For Love features a delicious melody thats paired with a clean and simple lead line that’s classic Aviici and fellow co-producer, Martin Garrix. In the following tutorial we’ll make the lead pluck synth (the initial sound on the drop) from Waiting for Love using Logic X and it’s built-in plugins.