LANDR makes mastering your track as easy as drag ‘n’ drop ‘n’ download [UPDATE w/ VIDEO]

Many musicians forgot the importance of mastering. No song should be published without professional mastering. When I say professional, I mean done right.  To get the best results, you’ll give it to a professional (if you have the funds) or you could give it a go yourself. But none of the option mentioned above is as easy as Landr

Enter MixGenius’s LANDR, a new online service that’s billed as a drag ‘n’ drop mastering solution. Simply upload a track, and it promises to automatically master it and send it back to you.

The system is based on MixGenius’s custom algorithms, which it says have been developed over eight years of university research, testing and tweaking based on feedback from trained audio experts.

LANDR is smart and getting smarter and that the system is built around an adaptive engine that ‘listens’ and reacts to music, using micro-genre detection to make subtle frame-by-frame adjustments selectively using tools like multi-band compression, EQ, stereo enhancement, limiting and aural excitation based on the unique properties of the song. Basically, the more we throw at LANDR, the better it gets.

Try it now for FREE. Yes, you heard me correctly. Click here and try it now for free. The free account provides you to unlimited 192kbps MP3 masters; spend $9 a month on a Pro account and you’ll also get four uncompressed masters. Finally, the $19-per-month Pro Unlimited account gives you unlimited uncompressed masters.

Here’s a video of me trying Landr for the first time and the results are fairly good. Nothing to crazy, but clean.

Let me know how your experience goes with Landr in the comment’s below.

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