Create a thick and dirty hoover synth lead like Hit Boy, Polow Da Don and Danja

If you’ve been listening to a lot of Hit Boy, Polow Da Don and Danja records, you will notice a low, warm sawtooth lead synth. The ES2, is actually the perfect synth to get that sound… quickly. Follow the next 5 steps to make a hit record like Hit Boy.

Step  1

Open up Logic ES2 synth and locate the preset called “Analog Saw Init.” It’s located under Tutorial Settings from the drop down preset menu.

Step 2

The synth is sounding a little weak. Lets enable Mono mode and select Unison. Let’s change the default voices from 6 to 12.

make a synth like hit boy

Step 3

Lets get some detune action to make this synth thick and grimy. To do this we will need to add a second oscillator. Press the number 2 button to activate oscillator #2.

how to make a danja synth

Step 4

Now let’s lower the second oscillators Coarse pitch to -12. This will lower the second oscillators pitch to give us a more dynamic sound.

make a lead synth like polow da don

Step 5

Remember to find the perfect mix between the two oscillators using the triangle section in the middle of the synth.Then turn up the Analog knob and distortion to take your lead to the next level.

how to make a hoover lead synth

And your done! Play around with the different waveforms to create uniques lead synth. You can also adjust the tone directly in Logics Es2 synth. You can decide between a dark or bright tone using the knob located in the ES2’s top right section.

Watch this video to see this sound in action:


Hoover Synth (Es2 Preset)

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