Gibson’s Les Paul headphones – May be the nicest looking headphones ever made

The legendary guitar company, Gibson has just announced what may be the nicest headphones I have ever seen. The newly announced headphones look to grab inspiration from the iconic guitar, the Les Paul.  There are a couple different model for you to choose including standard (over-ear) and SG (on-ear) models that features a regular, Lightning and wireless connections.

photo's courtesy of engadget
photo courtesy of Engadget
gibson les paul headphones gold
photo courtesy of Engadget

gibson less paul pair of headphones
photo courtesy of Engadget

Gibsons line of headphones are set to release “later this year,” and pricing details are yet to be announced. There will also be an option to order a customized pair to suit your exact tastes. As I drool over the pictures, all I can say is WOW and that I want a pair… now. For more info, a small review and more pictures, head on over to Engadget.

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