How to use one MIDI knob/slider to control any parameter in Logic Pro (for automation)

The Alesis Q88 is my favourite controller in my studio. Its a great full size 88-key semi-weighted controller and love taking this keyboard from studio to studio. The only drawback with this controller is are lack of knobs and sliders. Unfortunately it only has one slider. But fear not as that one slider can do a lot! Most of the time I use controller knobs/sliders for automation input. Thankfully there is a nifty feature in Logic that lets you control any plugin parameter for automation with a single knob/slider. Want to know how? Find out how after the break. The Do it all with one single controller method is a really simple setup. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Click Logic Pro in the top left hand corner of your screen.

2. Hover over Preferences and then click Automation.

control logic pro using midi controller

4. The above window will pop up. Make sure you select “On” under the Automation Quick Access section.

5. Then click “Learn Message” and move the slider or knob on the controller you want to use, then press the “Done” button.

6. You can now record any automation that is currently selected on the track as well as control the selected tracks volume while in arrange mode.

Watch this video to see this setup in action:

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