Logic Pro X 10.1 – Brush Tool

Logic Pro X 10.1 comes with several new extremely useful features. One of them is the Brush Tool. The Brush tool allows you to paint notes into your piano roll that can works wonders when creating a quick hi-hat pattern. 

If you live inside the piano roll and love to pencil in your note, the Brush Tool is a perfect alternative that lets you paint notes across the Piano Roll with a single glide of the mouse. For example, you can add measures of hi-hats or set it to a scale and add instant harmonies with a swipe of your mouse. Watch this video to see the Brush tool in action.



More tips to use with Logics’ Brush tool

  • While using the brush tool: start drawing notes, tap and release shift key once to constrain the notes to a single lane – if you tap and release shift, then press and hold it, as you drag, you can change the velocity of notes, while staying constrained, by moving the mouse above or below the row.
  • There is a key command to change the speed (musical division grid/resolution) that the brush is painting. This makes it easy to create trap hat patterns that move in and out of different timings while using the brush.
  • Finally, and not related to brush, but.. check out the Time Handles and the “Repeat Once” key command, cmd+R.

Got any more tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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