Logic Pro X 10.1 – EDM and Hip Hop Dummer Track Demo

One of the key features of the last release of Logic Pro X was the Drummer track. Drummer would instantly give any producer a professional acoustic drum track without a need for an actual drummer. The producer can easily make the drummer add fills, swing and even add/remove elements from the drum kit. Unfortunately for electronic producers, drummer tracks only contained acoustics drum kits. Logic Pro X 10.1 mixes the power of the Drummer track with electronic drum kits. 

Apple has added 10 new drummers. Each drummer plays a different type of electronic genre ranging from dubstep to trap to classic hip hop.  As with the acoustic players, you can program your drummer to play a simple beat all the way up to complex beats. Each drummer comes with eight preset patterns with the ability to save your own.

Lets put our producer hats on and program Logics new Drummers. Here’s a demo showing what each drummer can do:

See what else is new in the complete overview of Logic Pro X 10.1.

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