The coolest desk ever for the electronic producer

The desk you see above is the table I want – and possibly need. For a while now I’ve been looking for a standing desk I can raise and lower easily. To say the least my desk has a lot of gear on it. As you all know I produce music and YouTube audio production tutorials so you can image what I got sitting on my desk and raising and lowering my tabletop is not really an option with the current standing desks on the market… Or so I thought.¬†

The TableAir is one of these variable-height desks that looks super cool (especially cool if your an electronic producer). Just look at the table – it’s inspiring just to look at it. Pair that with your cool looking beatmaking controllers and you’ll love to sit at your desk making beats all day. The TableAir’s built in tech allows you to adjust the height of the table by holding out your hand in front of you. The tables¬†sensor on top of the desk detects your hands height and stops raising¬†right¬†where you want it. Oh, and¬†the whole rim of the desk lights up like something from the future.

Pushing the button once and holding your hand above the sensor raises it. Push and hold the button, and it lowers back down until you let go. The TableAir’s height can be set as low as¬†25″ and up to 51″ high.

TableAir also has an app that¬†pairs with your smartphone. With the app,¬†you can change the height remotely, pick and change the hue of the lighted side panels, and track your calories burned while your using the table standing. ¬†You can even set an automated schedule when it’s time to work standing.


You can choose the tabletops¬†colour from these four finishes –¬†glossy white, black, American cherry or walnut. You can also choose the legs and cable colour to be either black or white. The¬†price varies depending on your choice of finish. The one I have put together (seen above) is the¬†TableAir Kingsize (features the lighted panels and a ‚Äúpower station‚ÄĚ with 2 AC ports and 2 device-charging USB ports – priced¬†at $2,200.¬†The company is based in the U.K., and is currently shipping desks to Europe, Switzerland, Norway, and¬†the United States.

Head on over to TableAir and customize your (next) desk.

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