Why you should adjust speaker volume for a better mix

Let’s face the facts. Mixing with loud volumes is what we do. I get it. The louder something is the better it sounds, right? When your in the moment the answer to that question would be a solid YES! But in reality – the answer would be quite the opposite. I always get people asking about mixing tips and I usually start by asking them a question – how loud is the volume when your mixing?

The point is this. I’m here to tell you that if your mixing at an extremely loud volume, you are completely and unknowingly destroying your mix. Listening at loud levels is a form of drug consumption and addictive but resist that urge to turn that fader up. It’s hard to understand that actual speaker volume plays such a role while mixing – but it does! You’ll find that mixing on lower levels will help you focus on what really needs to be heard and what doesn’t. Or what can be blended a little better or what’s simply too LOUD.


Follow these tips for a better mix:

1. Listen at the lowest possible level. And by low I mean, you should still be able to hear ambient noises like the fan noises coming from your computer and external hard drives.

2. You should always be able to carry a conversation without having to speak loudly or the need to repeat yourself.


Remember that mixing at loud levels will fatigue your ears a lot quicker which will result in a poorer mix. The more you start turning up levels, the more you can kiss your judgement out the window.

If you follow the tips above you’ll be able to mix for 8 hours without a long break in between. You’ll also find the mixes you create at these levels will sound FULL and HUGE once you turn up the volume – and theres no better feeling that finally being able to turn up a mix that was created at low levels! And finally, ALWAYS turn the volume super loud at the end of a mix session to appreciate your work. Happy mixing!

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