Audio Units coming to GarageBand in iOS 9

Apple is now bringing full support for Audio Unit plugins with iOS9 devices that can be used with production Apps like GarageBand. 

Apple is allowing developers to sell virtual instrument and effect plug-ins on the App Store that can be used within audio production apps (like GarageBand) on any iOS device. How cool is that? Think about having your favourite 3rd party synth like Sylenth1 or Massive on the go, right on your iPhone or iPad! 

According to Apple – plug-in developers can port their current OS X Audio Unit versions easily with minor code changes using a new Audio Unit version 3 API. 

Having Audio Unit support on iOS is HUGE for producers. Currently we need to use programs like AudioCopy to move sounds from one app to another – which is kind of cumbersome if you ask us! Now, if everything works the way we hope – we’ll be able to load various effect and instrument plugins straight in GarageBand. 

Heres a picture of how an Audio Unit plug-ins can look in iOS 9 (sorry for the blurry picture)
Heres a picture of how an Audio Unit plug-in can look in iOS 9 (sorry for the blurry picture)

On a final note – maybe we’ll finally get to see what Apple and Camel Audio has been cooking since Apples acquisition of Camel Audio earlier this year? Here’s to hoping. 

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