How to make your kicks/808s sound like Kanye West drums

Ever wonder how Kanye West gets his kicks to have a mid-range tone, slightly distorted and extremely thick sounding? In the following tutorial we’ll explore how to make your kicks sounds more Yeezus like.  

Plugins used in the tutorial: 

Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Peak Limiter Plugin – if you have a fast attack – fast release limiter then that can work just as good. I just find that Waves L2 does the job perfectly!

Logic Pros’ built-in Distortion II plugin.

***If you want your drums to have a Lo-Fi feel like some Yeezus records, just add a Bitcrusher plugin and set to a 8-bit resolution and adjust the dry/wet mix accordingly!

The featured image to this post is designed by artist/entrepreneur Glen Infanate that was part of The Donut Collection. Glen also runs a clothing brand called Ilthy so check it out!

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