PSA: OS X El Capitan may cause Audio Unit plugins to stop working in Logic X

Producers beware! The latest update to OS X, El Capitan will cause Logics AU validator/scan to crash. This means that you’ll no longer be able to use some of your favourite plugins from many providers like Native Instruments.Remember folks, music software will ALWAYS break whenever Apple release their new operating systems. History seems to repeat itself on this one. Sad but true. If you want things to continue working as they are then please be a little patient. The wait will be well worth it! Plus it’s less stressful to stay on an older OS than it is to deal with a new one.So why does OS X El Capitan cause third-party Audio Units to break? Well the answer is simple. On OS X 10.11, Apple implemented the new version of Audio Unit called Audio Unit (3). The problem is that many plugins do not pass the validation which in turn causes your plugins to crash.

We’ve got our ear to the streets and it seems that many plugin can’t pass validation, even from big software giants like Native Instruments and Arturia. In Native Instruments case, there are beta drivers available for download to help fix the issue.

And in case your other third-party plugins aren’t working you can follow this workaround to help validate your beloved AU’s. Please note that it does require you to do some system software tampering. Use at your own discretion. It seems to have worked for some users but it may cause other issues that are unkown at this momment. So we repeat, use at your own discretion. 

If you still wish to try it out or curious to know what it is, click here.

The best way to stay protected is to not update to El Capitan (even though it looks all shiny and pretty). And remember, if it ‘aint broke to fix it!

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