Collidoscope may be the coolest looking synth ever!

For a long time, synthesizers has had more or less the same idea and look…. well, until now that is. Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin have found a way to create an entirely new synth. Collidoscope lets two musicians play together each playing on one of two built-in keyboards.

This instrument is a sampler at it’s core with some sprinkled synthesis. To make a sound, you would record live audio through the built in microphone (or line input) and then use a hybrid knob/slider to visually select (using the built-in full color display) the part of the sample you want to use. 


The guys that built it, researchers Fiore Martin & Ben Bengler, describe how it works:

The Collidoscope samples from the microphones (or line inputs) and displays in real time a waveform of the sample and allows it to be played back instantly. The main sliding knob positioned below the waveform allows for the visual selection of a portion of the sample to be played (by moving it horizontally), and for the modification of the size of the portion being looped (through rotating the knob).

Two additional sliders allow for the high passing of the sound and for the extension of the boundaries of the loop being played to its neighbouring audio material, fading in more of the audio sample without changing the rhythm of the loop.

Unfortunately, Collidoscope isn’t for sale (for now), but here’s to hoping we’ll be able to get our hands on one.

Watch the Collidoscope in action here:

[Doctor Mix via Engadget]

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