Get Waves TrueVerb for FREE this weekend!

Make sure to head over to Waves RIGHT NOW and register with your email address to get a FREE copy of Waves TrueVerb. TrueVerb is one of the best reverb plugins on the market that’s used by many engineers and on many popular tracks you hear on the radio. It’s regular price is $99, but it’s completely FREE this weekend. 

TrueVerb combines two separate modules – an Early Reflections simulator, and a Reverb – to produce a high quality, natural-sounding room effect with absolutely zero artifacts. You can define the room size, its decay time and frequency response, and, most uniquely, the distance to the sound source.

As with other Waves plug-ins, TrueVerb features a flexible and informative graphic interface with a wide range of controls, plus a comprehensive setup library:

  • Low coloration reverberation and early reflection
  • Stereo compatibility
  • Constant perceived sound level
  • Novel distance control
  • Separate distance & reverb controls
  • Linked distance & reverb mode
  • Editable time response display
  • Editable frequency response display
  • New setup filing mechanism
  • Space dimensional control
  • Variational control

This is part of Waves’ ‘Black Friday, Music Makers Gear Up!’ sale so be sure to head over to Waves and check out great deals on many great plug-ins.

In the following video we’ll explore the basic parameters of the plugin and some sound demos.

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