Panning trap music hi-hats like Lex Luger, Jahlil Beats and Young Chop

Hi-hats in Hip-Hop and Trap music is a must. You simply don’t have a Trap record without hi-hats. In the following tutroial we’ll show you a hi-hat technique used by many popular Trap producers like Lex Luger, Jahlil Beats, Young Chop, Mike Will Made It, Zaytoven and T-Minus. The technique is what we like to call the panning hi-hat effect. 

The panning hi-hat effect will not only give your hi-hats some soul and groove, but will also allow other instruments to live. As an added bonus, it will also “open up” your track and give the song some dimension and width without adding any stereo-imaging processors.

The technique is shown using Logic X but can be adapted to any DAW.


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