Drake – One Dance feat. Wizkid & Kyla – Chord Trigger Preset + MIDI

Learn to play the chords from ‘One Dance’ by Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla using Logic Pros’ MIDI FX plugin – Chord Trigger. 

There are only three chords in the song. Here are the chords incase you want to play them manually on a piano as well using the Chord Trigger preset:

(C3 in preset)

Left: Bb

Right: F, Bb, Db

(D3 in preset)

Left: Db

Right: Db, F, Ab

(E3 in preset)

Left: Eb

Right: Eb, F#, Bb


Drake – One Dance (Chord Trigger Preset)

    1. hey, do you have any idea how to install this? it’s greyed out when I try to load it from the chord trigger > load (in the dropdown menu)_

      1. Hi Joe. I didn’t use the chord trigger i used the MIDI so I can change the chords myself. If you youtube how to set up chord triggers it shows you that you have to save it in one of the files through Logic. When I done one before I saved it in one of the files and then when i clicked on chord trigger and clicked next it went to it. Hope that makes sense

      2. Found out how I did it. So download the Trigger above

        Open System Library Folder > Application Support > Logic > Plug-In Settings > Chord Trigger > Drag and Drop PST file here.

        Close Logic and re-open selecting an instrument, select chord trigger and drop down menu should show the One Dance Trigger.

        Hope this helps.

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