Just U and Me and 3 Songs | Episode 1

This show was long overdue. Something I wanted to do for a while. Wanted to open a platform to showcase all your talent. This is just the start. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.

Music played in today’s episode

Frenzic – Remake the Make – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1242/remake-the-make

Articxxx- Sause GLBE – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1267/sause-glbe

iceybeats – tay k type beat [murder case] – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1265/tay-k-type-beat-murder-case

boominatibeats – Novacane (Don Boominati) – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1199/novacane-prod-don-boominati



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