LeBron James signs with the Lakers | Just U and Me V5

What do you think of LeBron playing for the Lakers.

Music played in today’s episode

Robert C – No. 12 – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1394/prod-robert-c-no12

sokolov beats – Little Kid Stole my Shoe – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1395/little-kid-stole-my-shoe

MillRocky – Yonder – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1392/yonder

vryevilevan – #RIPMICHAELJACKSON – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1390/ripmichealjackson

sambeats – Chill Beat – Classical Style – http://imamusicmogul.com/track/1383/free-chill-beat-classical-style-



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