The BEST way to move Logics Sound Library to external hard drive

The best solution to move Logics Sound Library over to an external hard drive. Saving you 44+ gigs of space!


1. Start by locating Logics Sound Library. Go to / Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Logic

2. Move the “Logic” folder to your external drive the the desired folder. In my case I used the following:

DISK NAME / Sound Library / Logic Content / Logic

“Logic Content” is the name of the folder I created. “Logic” is the moved folder.

3. Now let’s delete the original content on the System drive.
Delete the Logic folder inside /Library/Application Support/

4. Open Terminal

5. Type in the following: sudo -s

It will prompt you for your password. Type your password and press enter.

6. Next, type ln -s followed by a space.

7. Drag and drop the Logic folder from your external drive onto the terminal window.

8. Next drag and drop the Application Support folder inside the main Library.

9. Press back space to get rid of the blank space and enter /Logic to name your link “Logic”. You should now see:

ln -s /Volumes/DISK NAME/Logic\ Content/Logic /Library/Application\ Support/Logic

10. Hit Enter. Now you have linked Logic Library to your external hard drive.

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