Logic Pro X 10.4.2 | What’s New?

So heres whats new with Logic Pro X 10.4.2. In my opinion its a small, yet BIG update.

The 10.4 update to Logic Pro X, released on Thursday, features:

  • The Sound Library can be relocated to an external storage device.
    Smart Tempo can analyze tempo data across multi-track recordings to define the Project Tempo.
  • Imported multi-track stems can follow or define Project Tempo.
  • Smart Tempo now analyzes the tempo of MIDI performances recorded without a metronome.
  • Alchemy provides drag and drop hot zones that let you select re-synthesis and sampling options while importing audio.
  • Alchemy allows numerical editing of parameter values.
  • Dragging one automation point over another now aligns them vertically.
  • New mixer mode allows channel strip fader and pan controls to be used to set send level and pan.
  • Automatic Slurs can be applied to selected notes in the Score Editor.
  • Add a photo to track or project notes to help remember key session details or studio hardware settings.
  • There is now a key command to open the Articulation Editor for the currently selected track, if there is an articulation set available for it.
  • The “Join Regions” and “Join Regions by Track” commands now convert loops to real copies and join the resulting MIDI regions.
  • The Threshold control in the Remove Silence from Audio Region window is now displayed in dB rather than percentage.
  • It is now possible to address a Send directly to an Output.

Read the full list of updates here.

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