Deep House has become a popular genre in the EDM world and is becoming less and less “underground”. At a quick listen, Deep House is simple yet very dynamic at the same time. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create that classic Deep House synth sound. From this preset you can adjust... Read More
So you have gigabytes upon gigabytes of audio loops in your sample library. You go and create a new session and start dragging some loops into Logic only to find each loop is recorded at a different tempo. Thankfully, Logic has an easy way to set all your loops to the same tempo. ... Read More
ID3 is a metadata container for your songs information such as the title, artist, album, and any other information you wish to accompany your MP3. A regular MP3 file will only contain the audio data itself with no further information that we as musicians would want in every MP3 we export – especially... Read More
Composing with a step-sequencer makes drum programming fun and effortless. Commonly used in analog drum machines, a step sequencer allows the programmer – or in this case the producer – to step in drum patterns. Since the dawn of DAWs, step sequencers have been tucked away collecting dusts in studios around the world because DAWs provide greater flexibility when recording... Read More
One major new feature in Logic Pro X 10.1 is VCA faders and VCA grouping. In a large analogue mixer, a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) is a channel gain control. This allows the engineer to control several faders in a group all together while maintaining any offsets within them (and sends) by only... Read More
Finally, after years of wishing and hoping, Logics new update gives us the ability to organize our third party plugins the way we want. No more do you have to search through nested third-party plug-in menus. You can mix and match your 3rd party audio units with Logic pre-defined categories or create... Read More
Logic Pro X 10.1 comes with several new extremely useful features. One of them is the Brush Tool. The Brush tool allows you to paint notes into your piano roll that can works wonders when creating a quick hi-hat pattern. ... Read More
I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding where to find Logics new Mellotron instrument. Don’t feel bad or stupid if you can’t find the Mellotron instrument because I couldn’t find either! In this quick tutorial I’ll show you where to find this hidden gem.... Read More
Logics’ Drum Machine Designer brings you awesome-sounding kits covering a wide range of electronic genres. Shape and manipulate the sound with the right controls from drum editing right at your fingertips. Mix, match, and swap out the kit pieces with hundreds of new samples including kicks, claps, stomps and vocal hits. ... Read More
One of the key features of the last release of Logic Pro X was the Drummer track. Drummer would instantly give any producer a professional acoustic drum track without a need for an actual drummer. The producer can easily make the drummer add fills, swing and even add/remove elements from the drum kit. Unfortunately... Read More