You fire up your favourite DAW and create your first track. You sit there thinking to yourself how to start? Drums? Piano? Guitar? At times, you can finish a song in ten minutes flat. But, other times it takes ten minutes just to realize nothings happening. Getting stuck in a rut is... Read More
Stereo image processing is a mostly used when mastering to extend the stereo base to make the mix sound “wide.” A “widening” effect is achieved by distributing a  number of frequency bands from various middle frequency ranges to the left and right channels. This ultimately increases the perception of stereo width without the mix sounding... Read More
Music is all around us and inspiration can spark at anytime. Logic gives you the ability to record live sounds and automatically chop up your recorded audio into separate one-shot regions (using Logic’s Strip Silencer). In this tutorial we will get creative and record a completely unique drum kit.... Read More
When we record audio we are not always in time. Not because we suck at music, but because we’re only human. Thankfully we can fix all our mistakes in the “mix.” Logic’s Flex Mode lets you quantize your takes with a click of a button. It even does most of... Read More