At times,¬†hip hop beats are simple, and other times not so simple. Sometimes we¬†hear sounds we wish we were able¬†replicate¬†and figure out how the producer made that sound. Logic’s Sculpture is a powerful synth that simulates physical models of acoustic instruments. Few (including myself) Logic users actually use Sculpture because... Read More
In this segment, we are going to look into “3D mixing.” When is comes to mixing, the 3rd dimension is what I like to call “depth.” Much like we see in 3D, we hear in 3D and taking out any one of these dimensions only serves to create an unnatural... Read More
Simply put, Drake’s hi-hats are on point. Pick any one of his songs and you’ll hear some intricate, cool and dynamic hi-hats patterns. Drake’s hi-hats sound super live with crazy hi-hat rolls. In the following tutorial we’ll show and provide a foundation to getting Drake style hi-hats.¬†... Read More