The rule of thumb many audio experts believe is that cutting with an EQ is better than boosting. Cutting doesn’t impact the headroom available on the mix (it usually gives us more), and some EQ designs have phase issues when boosting. EQ play’s an important role in mixing and should not be overlooked.... Read More
Todays tutorial will be a follow up to last weeks tutorial on designing 808s. I have been getting many questions asking how to mix the kick and 808 together properly. The video below will show you how to EQ the kick and 808 together where each has their own spot... Read More
Glitch Hop is a style of electronic music where the deliberate use of glitch-based audio, and other sonic artifacts is put into each track. Glitch Hop has a close relation to 2-step, broken beat and drum and bass. The music generally features syncopated drums with edgy bass lines with a few high pitch synths thrown in to... Read More
Logic Pro’s Adaptive Limiter is a tool for controlling the loudness of your records. It works by rounding and smoothing peaks in the signal, producing an effect similar to an analog amplifier being driven hard. You can use the Adaptive Limiter to get maximum gain, without introducing digital distortion and clipping.... Read More
Stereo image processing is a mostly used when mastering to extend the stereo base to make the mix sound “wide.” A “widening” effect is achieved by distributing a  number of frequency bands from various middle frequency ranges to the left and right channels. This ultimately increases the perception of stereo width without the mix sounding... Read More
Using shortcuts in Logic Pro is a must for any producer and/or engineer. Speed is everything when you are in the studio and musical momentum will not wait for a slow engineer. Once the artists’ inspiration is there, you as a producer/engineer must be ready to capture that moment… Quickly without interruption.... Read More
The tempo is usually the first parameter a producer will adjust when making a beat. Usually, the producer will have on how fast the song will be. Slow, fast or even mid-tempo? The tap tempo feature in Logic Pro allows the producer to tap the tempo straight into logic. This removes the guess... Read More
Music is all around us and inspiration can spark at anytime. Logic gives you the ability to record live sounds and automatically chop up your recorded audio into separate one-shot regions (using Logic’s Strip Silencer). In this tutorial we will get creative and record a completely unique drum kit.... Read More
When it comes to processing drums, parallel compression is a technique that outputs incredible results using any DAW. The technique varies from application to application but the general idea is there. This effect originated from New York to produce larger than life sounding drums. The parallel compression track will be used to... Read More